House of Blues Chicago Tickets on Sale!

We're excited to be opening for Trippin Billies again at the House of Blues Chicago on Jan 5th, 2019!  Get your tickets HERE! 

Annual Black Wednesday Show at the Castle Theatre! Tickets On Sale Now...

Pygmalion 2018!

Excited to announce the band and I will be performing at The Pygmalion Festival in Champaign-Urbana this year!

Our set is Friday, September 28 @ Pygmalion Street Stage. Our show is FREE, but tickets for the rest of the festival are now on sale...

Summer 2018 Tour Dates!

*June 15th - Inside Out - Gilman, IL

*June 16th - Pour Bros. Courtyard - Peoria Heights, IL (Full Band)

*June 28th - Baxters - Champaign, IL

*June 29th - River Music Experience Courtyard - Davenport, IA (Full Band)

*June 30th - Kemp's Upper Tap - Lexington, IL

*July 9th - Alberta Street Pub - Portland, OR

*July 11th - Schooners Beer Garden - Bloomington, IL

*July 13th - Ninth Street Pub - LaSalle, IL

*July 14th - The Grainery Golf Outing - Pleasant Plains, IL (Full Band)

*July 17th - The 5 Spot - Nashville, TN

*July 18th - Belcourt Taps - Nashville, TN

*July 26th - The Winchester - Lakewood, OH

*July 27th - Enlightened Brewing Co. - Milwaukee, WI

*July 28th - Oswego Beats & Eats - Oswego, IL (Full Band)

*Aug 3rd - Pub 13 - Pontiac, IL

*Aug 10th - Friday Night Live - Champaign, IL

*Aug 11th - Full House Craft Beer - Maroa, IL

*Aug 18th - El Paso Golf Club - El Paso, IL

*Aug 24th - Big Grove Brewery - Iowa City, IA (Full Band)

*Aug 25th - Wing Fest - Davenport, IA

*Aug 29th - Loungeabout the Roundabout - Normal, IL

*Sept 7th - Faithful Pilot - Le Claire, IA

*Sept 8th - Hollywood Casino Ampitheater - Tinley Park, IL

*Sept 12th - Radio Cafe - Nashville, TN (Full Band)

*Sept 13th - US National Whitewater Center - Charlotte, NC (Full Band)

*Sept 14th - Electric Maid - Washington, DC (Full Band)

*Sept 15th - TBA - Sarver, PA (Full Band)

*Sept 19th - Belgian Horse Winery - Middletown, IN

4/20 Show at Uncommon Ground - Lakeview in Chicago!

Still a few tickets left for this intimate, listening room show...

New Video by Droi Media - Tom Petty Cover...

New Video from House of Blues Chicago Show!

Thanks to Droi Media for filming this.  Please enjoy and subscribe to my YouTube channel while you're there...


House of Blues Chicago!

I'm very pleased to announce that the full band will be opening for Trippin Billies at the House of Blues Chicago on Jan 5, 2018! Get tickets HERE 

Spring / Summer 2017 Tour Dates!

Please mark your calendars and come see me this summer!

*May 25th - Baxters - Champaign, IL

*June 2nd - Thirsty Scholar - Indianapolis, IN

*June 7th - Big Beach Brewing Co. - Gulf Shores, AL

*June 16th - Pub 13 - Pontiac, IL

*June 17th - Olive Wine Bar - Burlington, IA

*June 21st - Schooners Beer Garden - Bloomington, IL

*July 1st - Kemps Upper Tap - Lexington, IL

*July 15th - Fest of Anarchy - Utica, IL

*July 18th - The 5 Spot - Nashville, TN

*July 19th - Belcourt Taps - Nashville, TN

*July 27th - Howards in Soulard - St. Louis, MO

*July 28th - Live in the Lot - Emporia, KS

*July 29th - Walnut Room - Denver, CO

*July 31st - Still Cellars - Longmont, CO

*Aug 4th - The Hive - Cedar Rapids, IA

*Aug 12th - The Waypost - Portland, OR

*Aug 18th - Friday Night Live - Champaign, IL

*Aug 24th - Kicks Bar and Grill - Towanda, IL

*Aug 25th - Broadway Brewery - Columbia, MO 

*Sept 2nd - Hollywood Casino Ampitheater - Tinley Park, IL

*Sept 9th - Brothers - El Paso, IL

Bounce House Blues FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

This is a new song called Bounce House Blues, recorded live at Duncan Manor in Towanda, IL back in January.  Click here to stream or download for free!  

Unreleased Material, Vol. 1 & 2 FREE Downloads and Streaming

A few years back I released a couple volumes of stuff I had recorded, but never put on an album.  People have been asking lately, so I've made them both available for free right here on my website.  There's all kinds of fun stuff on these: live, solo, Hubbards, Hair Heads, and Humadors.  I've enjoyed listening to them again - I hope you do too!  Oh, and please be aware there is quite a bit of bad language on both of these.  Sorry!  Click on the pics to check em out!

More Martin Sexton Shows!

It's always a pleasure to open for the great Martin Sexton.  Come check us out in Cleveland on Feb 19th or Milwaukee on Feb 22nd!  Tickets now available at the shows tab.

Fall 2016 Tour Dates!!!

*Sept 23rd - Pop's Blue Moon - St. Louis, MO

*Oct 14th - Molly Malone's - Los Angeles, CA

*Oct 15th - Lucky Break Bar - Tempe, AZ

*Oct 29th - Ninth Street Pub - Lasalle, IL

*Nov 4th - The Vogue Theater - Indianapolis, IN (w/ Trippin Billies)

*Nov 5th - Pub 13 - Pontiac, IL

*Nov 12th - Rozz-Tox - Rock Island, IL (w/ Brett Newski)

*Nov 13th - Des Moines Social Club - Des Moines, IA (w/ Brett Newski)

*Nov 15th - Mad Modern - Cedar Rapids, IA (w/ Brett Newski)

*Nov 23rd - The Castle Theater - Bloomington, IL (Full Band)

*Dec 9th - Schubas Tavern - Chicago, IL

*Dec 10th - Kemps Upper Tap - Lexington, IL

*Dec 16th - Craft Beer Bar - Springfield, IL

Summer Tour Dates - FULL BAND SHOWS!!!

I'll be joined on stage by Stephen Tassio, Tim Kramp, and Matthew Pittman for a few outdoor shows this summer in Kankakee, Chicago, and Bloomington.  Here' s a full list of upcoming solo and full band tour dates:

*June 23rd - Alberta Street Pub - Portland, OR

*July 1st - Kemp's Upper Tap - Lexington, IL

*July 4th - Downs 4th of July Fest - Downs, IL

*July 8th - Major Notes in Miner Square - Kankakee, IL (Full Band Show)

*July 9th - Grainery Golf Outing - Pleasant Plains, IL

*July 13th - Bloomington Public Library Summer Concert Series

*July 20th - Pizza Shoppe Collective - Omaha, NE

*July 21st - Dowtown Artery - Fort Collins, CO

*July 22nd - The Walnut Room - Denver, CO

*July 23rd - The Laughing Goat - Boulder, CO

*Aug 7th - Taste of Lincoln Avenue - Chicago, IL (Full Band Show)

*Aug 12th - Friday Night Live - Champaign, IL

*Aug 19th - Pub 13 - Pontiac, IL

*Aug 20th - The Sand Trap - Gibson City, IL

*Aug 26th - Bruegala: A Festival of Beer - Bloomington, IL (Full Band Show)

*Sept 3rd - Springfield Oyster & Beer Fest - Springfield, IL (Full Band Show)

*Sept 16th - Tellers - Austin, TX

*Sept 17th - The Curtain Club - Dallas, TX

*Sept 23rd - Pop's Blue Moon - St. Louis, MO

Spring 2016 Tour Dates!

*May 11th - Barking Spider Tavern - Cleveland, OH

*May 12th - Peter B's - Sarver, PA

*May 13th - Gypsy Sally's (Vinyl Lounge) - Washington, DC

*May 14th - Rock Bottom Brewery - Charlotte, NC

*May 21st - Pub 13 - Pontiac, IL

*May 27th - JT Walker's - Mahomet, IL

*May 29th - Lucca Grill - Bloomington, IL

*June 4th - SOHO Music Fest - Springfield, IL

*June 10th - The Brink Lounge - Madison, WI

*June 11th - Gunsmoke Grill - Cedar Point, IL

*June 15th - Schooners Beer Garden - Bloomington, IL

*June 17th - Sully's House - Chicago, IL

*June 23rd - Alberta Street Pub - Portland, OR

Daytrotter Session Available Now!

So proud to be a part of Daytrotter.  My session includes 3 unreleased tracks!  Please check it out...

Do you own the new album yet? Here's what the critics are saying about "Dan Hubbard"...

“Dan Hubbard should be on your to-hear list.” – Independent Clauses

His latest album proves he deserves a reputation as one of the best, most versatile songwriters around." - Charles Black (

"Intimate and confessional, like the 'cool breeze passing through' he depicts in his lyrics." - Elmore Magazine

“His stage presence is delightful. His music is wonderful. I cannot speak highly enough of this brilliant performer.” – C.U. Bands and Fans

“His songs weave the stories of people’s lives.” – Norman Transcript

New Album Available Now on CD, Vinyl, and Digital Download!!!


Buy Vinyl with Paypal

Buy CD with Paypal

Buy on iTunes

Buy on CD Baby (Download or CD)


Performer Magazine premiers "Tired of Loving You"!"tired-of-loving-you"/

Song premier from Elmore Magazine!

More Press About The New Album...

Some Love From My Hometown Paper On The New Album....

Pre-Order your CD of the new album "Dan Hubbard" Now!!!

For those who prefer cd's - order now and you will receive your copy a week before the official album release date.  

More Martin Sexton Tour Dates!

Honored once again to be supporting the great Martin Sexton Jan. 27th in Cleveland, OH and Jan 31st in Milwaukee, WI!  Check out 'shows' tab for tickets and details!

Winter 2016 Album Release Tour Announced!!!

Please mark your calendars and come celebrate with me this winter.  I can't wait to play for you all!  Tickets available on "Shows" page...

*Feb 5th - The Castle Theater - Bloomington, IL

*Feb 6th - Legacy Theater - Springfield, IL

*Feb 11th - Schubas Tavern - Chicago, IL

*Feb 12th - Off Broadway - St. Louis, MO

*Feb 19th - Redstone Room - Davenport, IA

*Feb 20th - Artisans Sanctuary - Cedar Rapids, IA

*Feb 26th - Ninth Street Pub - LaSalle, IL

*Feb 27th - Cowboy Monkey - Champaign, IL

*March 3rd - Hi-Fi - Indianapolis, IN

*March 4th - Third Street Dive - Louisville, KY

*March 5th - The Basement - Nashville, TN

*March 11th - Yabo - Fort Myers, FL

*March 26th - Emporia Granada Theater - Emporia, KS

*April 15th - Old Towne Pub - St. Charles, IL

*April 16th - Art Bar - Milwaukee, WI


While this is not from my upcoming full-length album, it is something I'm proud of.  Just a little tune for you all to say thank you for your patience and support.  I hope you enjoy!

Supporting Edward David Anderson's Chicago Album Release Show!

It's my sincere pleasure to be opening for Edward David Anderson at Martyr's in Chicago on Oct 24th for his album release show!  We'll also be joined by Anthony Crawford and Miles Nielson and the Rusted Hearts.  Don't miss it!  Get tickets at

Just announced! Family and Friends show in Indy!

opening for the great group out of Athen, GA Family and Friends at the HI-FI in Indy on 8/19.  Get tickets here:

Red Wanting Blue!

Just announced!  I'll be performing with my old friends Red Wanting Blue at Off Broadway in St. Louis on July 29th!  Get tickets now:

June 2015 Tour Dates!

*June 6th - SOHO Fest - Springfield, IL

*June 11th - The Brink Lounge - Madison, WI

*June 12th - Sully's House - Chicago, IL 

*June 13th - Trumpet Blossom Cafe - Iowa City, IA 

*June 20th - Bloomington Farmers Market - Bloomington, IL (9am)

*June 20th - Wingfest - Davenport, IA (4:30pm)

*June 24th - Schooner's Beer Garden - Bloomington, IL

*June 26th - Camellia Lounge - Portland, OR

Canadian Music Fest 2015!

I'm pleased to announce I'll be performing in Toronto on May 7th for Canadian Music Fest 2015!  Check out the shows tab for details!

Martin Sexton February Mini-Tour!

I have the pleasure of opening for Martin Sexton for two dates in February!  Feb 18 at Legion Arts in Cedar Rapids, IA and Feb 19 at Rose Music Hall in Columbia, MO.  Check out the 'Shows' tab for details and tickets.  I can't wait for this great opportunity!

Fall 2014 Tour Dates Announced!!!

*Sept 25th - Holy Mountain - Austin, TX (Humadors)

*Sept 26th - Curtain Club - Dallas, TX (Humadors)

*Sept 27th - The Bridge - Columbia, MO (Humadors)

*Oct 3rd - Memphis on Main - Champaign, IL (Dan solo)

*Oct 4th - Downtown Loft Series - Bloomington, IL (Dan and Kyle)

*Oct 10th - Merna Tap - Merna, IL (Dan solo)

*Oct 16th - The Basement - Nashville, TN (Dan solo)

*Oct 17th - Kemps Upper Tap - Lexington, IL (Humadors)

*Nov 1st - Tonic Room - Chicago, IL (Dan solo)

*Nov 5th - Union 50 - Indianapolis, IN (Dan solo)

*Nov 7th - Rozz-Tox - Rock Island, IL (Dan solo)

*Nov 8th - Plush - St. Louis, MO (Dan solo)

Nov 14th - Mid-City Music Lounge - Los Angeles, CA (Dan Solo)

*Nov 15th - Rogue Bar - Scottsdale, AZ (Dan solo)

*Nov 26th (Black Wednesday!) - Castle Theater - Bloomington, IL (Dan solo)

*Nov 29th - Pub 13 - Pontiac, IL (Dan solo)

*Dec 5th - Ninth Street Pub - LaSalle, IL (Humadors)

*Dec 6th - Johnny O'Hagans - Chicago, IL (Dan solo)

*Dec 19th - Norb Andy's Tabarin - Springfield, IL (Dan solo)



August 2014 Shows!

*Aug. 1st - Off Broadway - St. Louis, MO (Dan Solo)

*Aug. 2nd - Norb Andy's - Springfield, IL (Dan Solo)

*Aug. 8th - Canopy Club - Champaign, IL

*Aug. 9th - Cheeks Parking Lot Party - Bloomington, IL

*Aug. 16th - Nook Fest - Saybrook, IL

*Aug. 21st - Hi Dive - Denver, CO

*Aug. 22nd - The Laughing Goat - Boulder, CO

*Aug. 23rd - Meadowlark Coffee - Lincoln, NE

*Aug. 29th - Edinburg Labor Day Picnic - Edinburg, IL

*Aug. 31st - Lucca Grill - Bloomington, IL (Dan solo)

July 2014 Shows!

*July 3rd - Kemps Upper Tap - Lexington, IL (Dan Solo)

*July 5th - Schooners - Bloomington, IL (Dan Solo)

*July 11th - Double D's - Edinburg, IL (Dan Solo)

*July 17th - Driftwood Char Bar - Minneapolis, MN

*July 18th - Art Bar - Milwaukee, WI

*July 19th - Vaudeville Mews - Des Moines, IA

*July 25th - Merchant Street Music Fest - Kankakee, IL

*July 26th - Pub 13 - Pontiac, IL (Dan Solo)

June 2014 Shows!!!

*June 6th - SOHO Music Fest - Springfield, IL

*June 7th - Castle Theater (Jammin' for Hammit Benefit Concert) - Bloomington, IL

*June 11th - Schooners Beer Garden (Dan solo) - Bloomington, IL

*June 13th - Johnny O'Hagens (Dan solo) - Chicago, IL

*June 14th - Crusens War Memorial Dr - Peoria, IL

*June 20th - Merna Tap (Dan solo) - Merna, IL

*June 21st - Wingfest at the Fairgrounds - Davenport, IA

*June 27th - Gigs Place (Dan solo) - Fairbury, IL

*June 28th - Belcourt Taps (Dan solo)- Nashville, TN

May 2014 Tour!!!

May is going to be a little bit crazy!  Please help us spread the word! Here's where we'll be:

  • *May 2- Pub 13 - Pontiac, IL (Dan Solo)
  • *May 3 - Dwight Springfest - Dwight, IL (1:30pm)
  • *May 3 - Rozz Tox - Rock Island, IL (9pm)
  • *May 9 - McMahon’s - Washington, IL (Dan Solo)
  • *May 14 - Simons After Dark - Allen Park, MI
  • *May 15 - Scarlet and Grey - Columbus, OH
  • *May 16 - Peter B’s - Sarver, PA
  • *May 17 - Pianos - New York, NY
  • *May 18 - Electric Maid - Washington, DC
  • *May 19 - 622 North - Blacksburg, VA
  • *May 20 - Hideaway Saloon - Louisville, KY
  • *May 21 - Melody Inn - Indianapolis, IN
  • *May 23 - Kemps Upper Tap - Lexington, IL
  • *May 25 - Lucca Grill - Bloomington, IL (Dan Solo)
  • *May 29 - The Corncrib - Normal, IL
  • *May 30 - Ninth Street Pub - LaSalle, IL
  • *May 31 - Gramophone - St. Louis, MO (Dan Solo)


Spring Tour Dates Announced!!!

Check out our upcoming dates this Spring and get yourself and a friend or two out to a show!

*March 20th - The Tiger Room - Fort Wayne, IN
*March 21st - Belcourt Taps - Nashville, TN
*March 22nd - Third Street Dive - Louisville, KY
*March 29th - Donnie's Homespun - Springfield, IL
*April 4th - Castle Theater - Bloomington, IL
*April 5th - Lincoln Hall - Chicago, IL
*April 17th - The Bridge - Columbia, MO
*April 19th - The Salvage Yard - Joplin, MO
*May 3rd - Dwight Springfest - Dwight, IL
*May 3rd - Rozz-Tox - Rock Island, IL
*May 15th - Scarlet and Grey - Columbus, OH
*May 17th - Piano's - New York, NY
*May 18th - The Electric Maid - Washington, DC
*May 21st - Melody Inn - Indianapolis, IN
*May 23rd - Kemps Memorial Day Weekend Kickoff    Concert w/   Miles Nielson and The Rusted  Hearts! Lexington, IL


Yet Another Free Download! - Live Performance!

Go to the top of our music page and download a live version of "Livin' in the Heartland" featuring the Humadors, Erik Nelson on Keys, and Dave Getz on strings.  The Performance was recorded at the Castle Theater for Dan Hubbard and Friends Album Release Show on 9-28-13!


New Free Download Featuring Matthew Curry!

Go to our Music page and download "The Other Side" featuring Kyle Yap on backing vocals, Stephen Tassio on bass, and Matthew Curry on lead guitar towards the end of the song!

Free Download!

Over the next couple months I'll be releasing some recordings from the "Livin' in the Heartland" album that unfortunately had to be cut from the record.  I'm still very pleased with these tunes, just didn't think they fit with the other songs.  The first one, "Everybody's Talkin' is available for free download at the top of our "music" page right now!  Check it out:


Some love from Smile Politely in Champaign/Urbana!

Check out this article from David Kierski:


More critical acclaim for "Livin' in the Heartland!"

Another great review from Independent Clauses! Check it out:

"Livin' in the Heartland" now available!!!

Happy album release day friends!  If you prefer to download your music it will be available almost everywhere, but you can also use these links to download it from iTunes or

If you prefer to listen to CD's you can purchase one from the "buy music" section here on the site or head down to North Street Records or Waiting Room Records in Normal, IL.   Thank you so much for the support, I hope to see you at the shows!

Pre-Order your copy of "Livin' in the Heartland" Today!

Buy your hard copy (CD) today and receive it by the day of the release (Sept 24)!  If you're "old school" and like to listen to CD's, but still want to get it when everyone else does, then this is the option for you!  Shipping included in price. You can also pre-order your digital download of the album on iTunes right now!

Pre-Order on iTunes!

First Review for "Livin' in the Heartland!"

Check out this great review for the new album:

Tickets available for Album release show at the Castle on Sept 28th!

Get tickets here for An Evening with Dan Hubbard and Friends Album Release Show on Sept 28!  This will be a great night featuring some of the best musicians in the Heartland who played on the new record, including the Humadors!

Dead Letter Records!

I'm excited to announce that I have signed with Dead Letter Records out of St. Paul/Minneapolis for the release of my upcoming solo album "Livin' in the Heartland"!  It feels good to have some people in my corner who have been in the business for over 10 years.  Good things ahead, so stay tuned!

An interview with Dan from Buzz Magazine in Champaign

More love from the Quad Cities!

Rock Island here we come!

Dan Hubbard and American Aquarium!

I have the honor of playing at Schubas Tavern in Chicago to open for the up and coming, hard working band American Aquarium on January 22!  Please buy tickets now and come support this great night!  Buy tickets here:

Christmas present for our fans!

Download Dan's original Christmas song "Christmas Eve Again" for free at the top of our music page.  Here's the link:

Merry Christmas Everyone!

New Years Eve at The Castle!

That's right, due to popular demand and the fact that last year was the first good time I've had on New Years Eve in about 5 years, we've decided to do it again.  This year we will be joined by Matthew Curry and The Fury and The Unemployed Architects so it is sure to be a great evening.  21+, $50 ticket gets you a meal, 4 drinks, and a great show.  Due to State laws we can't do all you can drink this year, but it's still a great deal!  Only 400 tickets will be sold and they go on sale 11/30 at 10:00am.  Buy them here:

Just announced: The Humadors return to the Castle Theater!!!

We're bringing back one of our favorite bands The August, as well as the great acoustic duet from NYC, Clyde featuring Nick Africano.  Start making plans now, you don't want to miss this one!  Buy tickets right here right now:

The Humadors to play the 2012 Illinois State Fair!

Saturday, August 18 we'll be playing on the Shed Stage from 9:30pm to 11pm.  See you there Springfield!

Dan and The Humadors now on Pandora Radio!

That's right friends, "The Love Show" was accepted onto Pandora so you can now have your own Dan Hubbard and The Humadors pandora station.  You won't hear much of our stuff at first, so when you do please give us the thumbs up!  Thanks!!/stations/play/784030186823147997

New show announcement! Cinco De Mayo at the Castle w/ Red Wanting Blue!

That's right, Los Humadores will be rocking the Castle on Saturday, May 5th with up and coming Ohio-based band Red Wanting Blue!  This should be a huge night, so buy your tickets right here, right now!

Happy New Year from The Humadors and Chicago Farmer!

Here's a glimpse of what went down on New Years Eve at The Castle:

an early Christmas present for all of our fans!

Watch Dan perform his original tune "Christmas Eve" on 97.7 Alice FM

"The Love Show" breaks Top 50 on the Roots Rock Chart and Top 10 in Illinois!!!

Good stuff, check it out for yourself.  Pretty close to Neil Young and The Black Keys!  I'll take that!

Humadors New Years Eve Show at The Castle!

JUST ANNOUNCED!! Celebrate New Years Eve 2011 with your friends at The Castle. $50.00 buys you an evening of Dan Hubbard and the Humadors, Chicago Farmer, Jaik Willis and a midnight performance by Herbert Wiser Band. PLUS: An Open Top Shelf Bar, Buffet Table and a Champagne Toast to Ring in the New Year! 12/31 at 7:30PM. 21+ Show. This event will be limited to 300 guests so buy your tickets now using the link below!

More press about the Love Show!

The kind reviews continue to come in about The Love Show!  Here is the latest mention from Roctober:

New Live Album now available on iTunes!

We recieved such good feedback from our live album at the Castle Theater that we decided to make it available to you through iTunes!  Here's the link:

Dan solo acoustic on WILL-FM 90.9 in Urbana!

Here is the link to the podcast of Dan's interview and performance.  To hear only Dan's set fastforward to the 30 min mark.

Just announced! Dan and The Humadors will be headlining at Silvies Lounge in Chicago on Sat, Nov 19

Believe it or not friends, this will be our first time headlining a show in the City.  This is a great place to see a band!  Only $5 at the door and good drink specials including $4 whiskey and Vodka drinks.  Please spread the word and let's make this a good one!

Dan and The Humadors Return to the Castle Theatre!

That's right, October 22nd we will be back at the beautiful Castle Theatre to play for our hometown crowd again!  We will be giving away a live cd from our last show there to anyone who buys a ticket and wants one.  Get tickets in advance here:

Dan and Kyle interview and performance on Fearless Radio in Chicago!

Check out this podcast of Dan and Kyle on Fearless Radio:

The Love Show on the Radio!

We need your help Humadors fans!  Download this contact list of radio stations playing our record across the country, and if there is one near you please call or email and request "The Last Time You See Me" or any other song from The Love Show! Thank you so much!


New review of The Love Show in from!

Dan and The Humadors return to Champaign!!!

Just booked: July 15th at Memphis on Main in Champaign!  Great place to see a band.  Our set starts at 8:30, and we'll play until 10pm.  Be there!

The Love Show now available on iTunes and CDBaby!

Download the new album on itunes or cdbaby now!

Buy tickets here and now for our May 21st CD Release Show at The Castle Theater!!!

Last Minute Gig at The Castle Theater Tonight!

I get to open for The Tossers at the beautiful Castle Theater tonight.  Show starts at 7:30pm!  I know it's short notice but come out if you can!


"See You Again" climbed to #190 on the AMA charts this week and is now being played on 116 radio stations across the country!


See You Again is now at #195 on the AMA charts, and is being played on over 100 radio stations nationwide!

Still Climbing the Charts!

"See You Again" climbed to #215 on the AMA charts this week, and is now being played on 98 radio stations nationwide!

More Radio Play!

‎"See You Again" climbed to #231 on the AMA charts this week and is now being played on 71 radio stations across the country!!!

Climbing the Charts!

"See You Again" went from #309 last week to #241 on the AMA radio charts this week!

AMA Charts!

We found out last week that "See You Again" debuted at #309 on the AMA (Americana Music Association) radio charts!!!  Look out Robert Plant, here we come!

Dan's "Unreleased Material" CD available Oct 8th!!!

Come see Dan and The Humadors live at Six Strings in Bloomington on Friday, Oct 8th!  Dan will be giving away his new "Unreleased Material" CD for free at the merch table for this show only.  There are only one hundred copies so try to make it out and pick one up!!!

Tickets Available for Castle Theater Show with Jack Ingram!

Come see us open for Jack Ingram at the new Castle Theater in Bloomington on Sept 26th!  Tickets available here:

First review for "See You Again"

Check out our first review for "See You Again" by Annie Weisner of Smile Politely in Champaign!

"See You Again" now available on iTunes!

Hey everybody, just in case you can't be there for the CD release party or you want to get an early listen to the new album it is now available at iTunes and cdbaby.  You can also order it from us using your paypal account.  Just visit the 'record store' right here at and follow the links to all three options.  Enjoy!

August 6th CD RELEASE Show!!!

Please try to make it out for the release of our new album "See You Again" on Friday, August 6th at Six Strings in Downtown Bloomington. The Dirty Hands Band will open the show at 10pm. We'll follow them at 11pm. Let's have a party!!!

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